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Wine Glass

Karl Lagerfeld Wine Glasses by Orrefors

Every so often, I encounter amazing wine goodness that I want to share with my readers.  It’s called wine potpourri, inspired by the popular Jeopardy category which is simply a hodge podge of randomness.  Each month, I will post my top wine potpourri discovery for you to enjoy.  For April, it’s all about the intersection of wine and fashion.

As an 85 Broads member, I’m a huge supporter of Shauna Mei and AHALife.  While I was up one night doing a little late shopping, and I came across these wine glasses.  Now, I already have wine glasses, and plenty of them.  Regardless, I found myself placing these wine glasses in my online checkout bag and having that ever difficult mental discussion with myself…”do I really need to purchase these?”  My husband would absolutely KILL me if I bought them, but I must admit that they are pretty stylish.  Not to mention, they have the Karl Lagerfeld brand all over it (for those of you who are into fashion).  Who would have guessed that Karl was a wino?

For those of you are ready to purchase, the glasses are available in clear, white, and black, and you can scoop them up for $150…per glass.  But at least the glass comes with a coaster! #itsthelittlethings

You can also find other wine gifts, such as these, by following me on Pinterest.  Ciao!